Manchester, Connecticut

Fair Rent Commission

The Town Attorney's Office represents the Fair Rent Commission and receives complaints from tenants with regard to rent increases only.

Click here to access the necessary form for filing a complaint. All other landlord/tenant issues should be directed to the Housing Education Resource Center in Hartford at (860) 296-4372.

The Fair Rent commission consists of seven (7) members who meet at the call of the Chairperson (TBA) when there is a complaint regarding excessive rental charges.

Fair Rent Commission Members are:

  • Thomas Stough
  • Collins Johnston II
  • Bonnie Cappucci
  • Kenneth Hagenow
  • Neil Alibrio
  • Frank Salerno
  • Stephanie Knybel

Meeting Date Agendas Minutes
Mar 18, 2015 : Agendas go here :Minutes go here